Anne Schreiber

Anne is the Clinical director and owner of 56 London Road Clinic. Anne has worked with Lymphoedema and other physiotherapy conditions for over 20 years. For the past 12 years, she has run her own private practice in Dorset, and worked as a senior therapist for An Arm & A Leg Ltd, an inpatient Lymphoedema service.

Anne Schreiber

MLD Specialist

Vodder / PHIA Qualified

Previously called forth as an independent witness for her expertise in oedema, Anne has participated in ongoing medical research, both in the UK and on the continent. She has been an acting Secretary for MLD UK for over 2 years.

Inspired by her thorough knowledge of the condition and its difficulties, she opened The London Road Clinic.

Anne is also a member of MLD UK & the British Lymphology Society (BLS).

MLD £82.50 Initial Assessment 90 Minutes / Follow up £55 60 Minutes

(The initial assessment cost may vary slightly depending on each client and time required)

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The London Road Clinic is such a lovely place. I am so happy I discovered it.

Mrs. T