Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

MLD UK - Manual Lymphatic Drainage

We are an association of Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioners, from different professional backgrounds, and exist to promote the development of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) within the United Kingdom.

t massage technique which moves the skin over the underlying tissues in order to stretch and stimulate the musculature of the lymph vessels.

Unlike many massage techniques, we use no oils or powders so you needn't worry about your clothes or hair getting mussed.

MLD was invented by a Danish couple, Dr. Emil Vodder with the help of his wife Estrid in the early 1930's. They based their work on many sources but were the first to describe an entire methodology.

At an MLD session you will be asked to remove most of your clothing and you will be covered with towels. After that just relax and enjoy one of the most relaxing treatments you have ever experienced.

What is it used for?

MLD is probably best known for the part it plays in the treatment of lymphoedema * but the Vodders first used it to treat sinus congestion and acne and it is still an extremely effective treatment for these and other problems.

Treatment of swollen legs from pregnancy, pmt or a hot summers day; migraine after effects; bloating from food allergies; pre and post sports; muscle tiredness or injuries - many things to do with an imbalance of fluid in the body.

On it's own or used in conjunction with other therapies MLD is one of the best detox therapies that exist. It is using the body's own system to cleanse from the inside out. Emil Vodder always said that everyone should have an annual course of MLD treatments simply for general health reasons.

Used after other treatments - beauty or physio - MLD can reduce the reactive swelling which is a normal consequence of some treatments.

The London Road Clinic brings you some of the finest and most experienced MLD practitioners in the country.

Speak to your therapist about whether MLD would benefit you.

MLD £82.50 Inital Assessment 90 Minutes / Follow up £50/55 60 Minutes

(The inital assessment cost may vary slightly depending on each client and time required)

What is lymphoedema?

In-patient Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

An intensive treatment programme for lymphoedema.

For more information: Complex Decongestive Therapy

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Anne Schreiber

Clinic Propietor and MLD Specialist

Vodder / PHIA Qualified

Anne is the Clinical director and owner of 56 London Road Clinic, Anne has worked with Lymphoedema and other physiotherapy conditions for over 20 years. For the past 12 years, she has run her own private practice in Dorset, and worked as a senior therapist for An Arm & A Leg Ltd, an inpatient Lymphoedema service.

Previously called forth as an independant witness for her expertise in oedema, Anne has participated in ongoing medical research, both in the UK and on the continent. She has been an acting Secretary for MLD UK for over 2 years.

Inspired by her thorough knowledge of the condition and it's difficulties, she opened The London Road Clinic.

Member of MLD UK & British Lymphology Society (BLS).

07890 718361