In-patient, Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT).
Intensive treatment programme for lymphoedema.

The London Road Clinic is pleased to be able to offer this fifteen day intensive treatment package over a period of three weeks (21 days) on an in-patient basis. This includes accommodation and transport between the hotel and the clinic.

The programme utilises every aspect of CDT in order to maximise the benefits gained from an intensive, in-patient, period of lymphoedema treatment.

Accommodation is roomy and comfortable – approximately 15 minutes from the clinic.

  • Hotel Room

Hotel Room

What is CDT?

CDT is an amalgamation of therapies designed to decrease swelling in limbs or body. It consists of the following:-

  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Vodder Method.

    The Original Vodder Method of MLD has long been used to decrease lymphoedema and then to maintain the decrease. It is a very light massage which does not use any oils or powders. This intensely relaxing therapy is extremely effective in the reduction of oedema (swelling).

    All of our therapists are fully trained, experienced and up to date in their practice. The London Road Clinic is proud that their therapists are amongst the top in the country, several of whom have been working in the field of lymphoedema for over 15 years.

    MLD sessions typically run for approximately one to two hours.

  • Skincare.

    With lymphoedema the skin needs even better care than normal. This may include anti-fungal medication but certainly includes moisturising and special cleansing.

  • Multi-layer Lymphoedema Bandaging.

    After the MLD session, each limb will be carefully bandaged in multi-layer bandaging. There are many types of bandages and the one appropriate for each situation will be chosen. At least two of the therapists we use train others in the use of these bandages and are extremely experienced in all aspects of lymphoedema bandaging.

    Bandaging sessions can be variable but assume 30 minutes for one small limb and up to an hour for a heavy or misshapen limb.

  • Treatment Rooms

Treatment Room 1

Treatment Room 2

So, what happens over the three weeks?

The first thing to happen is a full, initial lymphoedema assessment. This can take from 1 ½ to 2 hours. We complete a patient form which will include your past medical details, current weight and height and contact details of your GP and lymphoedema therapist if you have one.

Your limbs will be measured for volume and your treatment details will be finalised with you. With your permission we will also take photos of your affected limb/s.

The assessment will also take into consideration any other therapies which will help.

This could be physiotherapy and/or pilates for example, to teach you exercises which you do while wearing the bandages and other exercises which you can do at home.

If your feet are affected then you might need to have an appointment with our Chiropodist to check that everything is OK with your toes and toenails.

We have experienced counsellors for psychological support and also a nutritionist for any dietary advice which might be necessary.

Keep in mind that all of these are available under one roof!

Then your CDT sessions start. Sessions are usually in the morning and are once daily for 15 days. You do get a day or two `off’ to rest.

Half way through your intensive treatment period we measure for compression hosiery and order your hosiery which you will go home with.

At the end of your three weeks you have a final assessment. This typically takes 1 ½ to 2 hours and includes re-measuring for volume, fitting of your new hosiery, adjusting your hosiery measurements and talking you through what to do at home.

And afterwards?

  • Follow-up appointments

    The London Road Clinic strongly advises each client to arrange weekly MLD appointments with their local therapist for four weeks. If you live close enough we are happy to arrange those here for you.

  • Maintenance

    Every person varies but a general rule would be to drop to twice monthly for the second and third months and then see how you manage. Most people maintain quite well with one MLD session every 3 to 4 weeks as long as they are good about wearing their hosiery.

CDT Price list (including accommodation and transport).

Unilateral Leg£3557.71
Severe unilateral leg **£4151.64
Bilateral legs£4708.59
Severe bilateral legs **£6416.26
Unilateral arm£3279.16
Bilateral arms£3594.84

** Severe = Calf measurement > 55cm and / or mid thigh measurement > 85cm

Additional therapies price list

Physiotherapy / Pilates (9 sessions)£546.75
Counselling (3 sessions)£141.75
Nutrition (2 sessions)£121.50

Bandages will be invoiced separately or a prescription can be requested from the patient’s G.P. This can also be minimised if the patient can bring any bandages they might have at home with them for use during their treatment.

Made to measure compression hosiery provided at the end of the intensive programme will also be invoiced separately or a prescription request will be issued.

*If it is found, at the initial assessment, that a patient has fungal infections this will need to be addressed by an appointment with our Chiropodist before treatment can begin. We reserve the right to make this decision and charge according to need.

  • Right > Left 59%

Right > Left 59%

  • A total loss of 6 litres

A total loss of 6 litres

Semi-intensive CDT package

We offer a semi-intensive CDT/MLD treatment course, consisting of 10 days of treatments as an in patient or out patient, please contact us for costings.

Bilateral Lymphoedema legs; on a semi-intensive course.

Initial Assessment (session 1)Final assessment (session 9),
after bandage removal
Fitting of made to measure hosiery

Initial Assessment

Final assessment

Fitting of made to measure hosiery