Coaching and Personal Consultancy? 

Coaching gives you the space, time and support to think effectively. It can help you work out your own best pathway to get to where you want to be. All you need is motivation and determination. There are numerous aspects of business and personal life you may want to improve. Here are just a few examples:

  • Make strategic changes to your business
  • Improve aspects of your professional persona or skill set
  • Increase communication skills
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve your public speaking
  • Start up your own business
  • Get fit.
  • Adjust your work/life balance


Personal consultancy is coaching, but with an added extra. Personal consultancy will help you focus on your present situation, clarify what you want to achieve and coach you through your changes. Additionally, if you find that you become stuck at a particular stage, Helen can help you discover what it is that prevents you reaching the success you desire, and unlock your full potential. The model allows for the seamless integration of counselling skills at the right time to fully unleash your own power for change, increasing self-awareness and clarity. Research shows that the blend of the two skill sets is more effective than coaching on its own, and is highly effective in helping people move forward.


How Helen can help you.

Helen will support you in your thinking and your actions, give you the space in which to explore what you need to, and help you find your own way. At the same time she may challenge your thinking, beliefs or actions when helpful. This may include taking you outside your comfort zone so that that you can discover new possibilities for yourself. Personal Consultancy is a partnership in which, together, you can determine what needs to happen to allow your strengths, skills and abilities to shine.

Helen can work face to face with you in the London Road Clinic, as well as via phone and Skype internationally. She is committed to providing executive and personal development coaching in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

For more details or to book an appointment please call the London Road Clinic on 01963 251860 , or Helen directly on 01747 825288/ 07966 002927, or visit


Helen Lickerish 

PGDip.Counselling & Coaching. BSc(hons). EMDR, Trauma Dip. AICTP. BACP 

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Helen Lickerish has 20 years of experience of helping make positive changes to many aspects of their lives. She enjoys working with people who are dedicated to improving their professional and personal lives and have the motivation to work through any challenges or blocks that may prevent them reaching their full potential.

She believes that we all have the power to think, feel and act differently, and that coaching is a powerful way to help someone assess their options and determine their best path.

She is a qualified and experienced Personal Consultant, Coach, Counsellor and Trauma Therapist. She is skilled in understanding the complexities of our behaviours and is able to offer a Personal Consultancy model of coaching that entails the use of counselling skills when required, if it further enhances a person’s ability to reach their goal.