Soft Tissue Therapy Much More Than 'Just' Sports Massage

Posted: 7th February 2018

Soft Tissue Therapy 

Much more than ‘just’ sports massage. Ian Pollard explains how Soft Tissue Therapy can ease you through a hectic schedule of work, leisure and sporting activities this spring.


At this time of year, many sportsmen and women are training hard in preparation for the summer season ahead, a specific major event, or perhaps patching up tired bodies after a long winter season. By the same token, whilst not seen as anything to do with sport, many more of us are embarking on physically demanding domestic jobs and leisure activities that place similar wear, tear and overload on our bodies.


Soft Tissue Therapy encompasses Sports and Remedial Massage, so is appropriate for all conditions whether sporting or otherwise. It safely assesses minor and chronic injuries; applies a range of advanced techniques to treat them; and offers practical advice on rehabilitation through postural, movement and performance improvement. Used regularly or as required, it can help prepare you for a summer of enjoyable, rewarding and hopefully injury free activity, as well as treating existing conditions.


Taking good care of yourself will help you cope with the demands of a busy professional schedule and active lifestyle and ease the aches and pains of everyday life. So for the desk bound or those with physically robust jobs, for drivers, musicians and so on, consider Soft Tissue Therapy as body maintenance, much as you would look after your car (hopefully)!  It can help you stay on top of all those jobs that you’ve saved up through the winter for the warmer months ahead, whether toiling in the garden or about the house; the digging, planting, trimming and grass cutting; the decorating; the lifting, laying and clearing out jobs that spring and bank holidays seem to attract!


In a sporting context it can help you stay fit through your training and competition schedule and benefit your performance in pursuit of an elusive personal best, a highest score or a tournament win! Perhaps you have entered a spring running event - local 10k run, half or full marathon - or one of a number of charity events; or regularly take part in triathlon, tennis, cricket, golf, cycling, equestrianism, sailing etc., even walking the dogs. Enjoy your regular social fixture (and a well-earned drink afterwards!) without letting your friends down and missing out through injury. At this time of year, I have a busy clinic of marathon runners and triathletes; my regulars will plan their treatment sessions up to their target event and beyond, ready for their next great challenge.


And as is often the case, many of us will mix the sporting and domestic arenas, having to juggle busy family lives and domestic schedules whilst trying to hang on to the sporting standards of our relative youth, or whilst striving for the newly conceived goals to which we now aspire. I am reminded of a client who trained hard and conscientiously for a spring marathon, only to end up on the treatment couch having followed too closely a full day digging in his new garden with his final pre-race long run.


So the next time your body aches from the rigours of your active or domestic lifestyle, you will be doing yourself a great favour by introducing yourself to the benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy - much more than ‘just’ Sports Massage!



By Ian Pollard, Soft Tissue Therapist, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist LSSM / ISRM