Shiatsu - A Life-Changing Path?

Posted: 8th May 2017

Shiatsu - A Life-Changing Path?

Marco Cavallaro MRSS DipBSS, Shiatsu Practioner, London Road Clinic

In the fast-paced world the demands of work and family life can take their toll on our long-term health.On doctor's advice, it is often easy to turn to medication. However, there is change.

An Increasing number of articles and documentaries have recently given advice on the benefits of reducing intake of medication and how simple life changes can have even greater benefits for many ailments. Here, complementary therapy can help you find your own path to better health and, consequently, greater pleasure in life.

When people ask me what shiatsu is, I usually say there is no one answer. It is a versatile therapy and I adapt my treatment to meet the specific needs of each individual that I treat. Deep-tissue massage, structural adjustment and specific bodywork on painful pressure points are combined to create a therapy that will provide immediate relief and longer-term solutions to injury, repetitive strain and chronic pain. In addition the deep energy work involved in shiatsu eases discomfort from digestive disorders, improves circulation and reduces stress.

If the challenges of daily life have made it difficult to take regular care of yourself for several months or years, a physical condition can easily become chronic. Take the example of people who work at a desk. They often sit in a fixed position for long hours with the neck tightening, the shoulders going up, the lower back starting to ache and a tension headache developing. In this instance, treatments would involve deep-tissue massage and structural adjustment, which will give immediate pain relief alongside a recommended programme of habitual change to provide longer-term solutions.

Often, the part of our fast-paced lives is keeping fit and well, engaging in many different hobbies available. Injury causes deep frustration, as it can mean abandoning that favourite activity or sport. Often, to avoid this, medication can be an effective plaster, allowing us to continue while unfortunately  making the condition worse. Following injury, shiatsu therapy treats the condition with massage to improve circulation to the injury, address pressure points to release tension in the specific area and provide recommended exercises to improve a fast recovery. So whether you wish to get put in the garden, walk to the shops, get back to dancing or run a half-marathon, shiatsu therapy can help.

Often physical pain manifests as a result of stress.  Frequently the two go together, since stress is one of the main causes of physical pain. Drugs don't often get to the core of the problem when shiatsu therapy will, as one of the best ways to achieve physical and mental well-being. Whether you are a lorry driver, construction worker, office worker, or a childminder, hard work creates habitual strains and stresses, which can become chronic. Trust the hands-on therapies that have been used all over the world before the age of modern drugs. Next time you find yourself in pain, think twice before reaching for the painkillers and consider shiatsu, a long-term solution, instead.