The 56 London Road Clinic Story

Posted: 15th October 2015

The 56 London Road Clinic Story

By Jemima Munro Clinic Director

(BSc Hons, MCSP, HCPC registered)


Why did it start?

The clinic was started ten years ago by Anne Schreiber, Manual Lymphatic expert. The aim was to offer both main stream and complementary health services in an integrated clinic where all the practitioners would work towards getting you back to the very best of health. Anne wanted a place for her patients to come where all their healthcare needs were met. Over the years the clinic has aimed to provide a complete holistic approach with the help of a solid multidisciplinary team. Since 2012 Jemima Munro, Specialist Physiotherapist has been Anne’s business partner and together they are working on continuing to develop the clinic, always ensuring that every patient has their individual needs met. The clinic is always described by patients who attend as a beautiful place with a calming and relaxing environment. A place that makes the patient feel at ease as soon as they walk in, allowing them to get the most out of their treatment.


It is often a miss-assumption that you need to be rich to afford treatment privately. Each clinician provides their treatment at a competitive rate and is registered with lots of private health insurance companies. We are all aware that each patient has a different budget and therefore where possible treatments are planned around this. Whatever the problem is we do not believe in treating just for the sake of it. One of our main aims is to assist and encourage independent management of the problem whilst giving you the confidence that there is someone there to help and guide you as needed.

Another common belief is that you need to be referred by your Doctor when in fact this is not the case. This means we can see you as soon as you want rather than having to go on waiting lists.

At the clinic we see all different patient groups ranging from new born babies through to the elderly or terminally ill. You don’t have to be sporty or even have a specific problem as some of our clinicians provide treatments for basic well-being.

So what treatments do we offer?

As the clinic continues to grow we are offering more and more clinicians to cater for your every need. At the moment treatments that we offer include; Physiotherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Podiatry, Osteopathy, Counselling, McTimoney Chiropractor, Sports and Remedial Massage, Pilates, Cosmetic Doctor, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, Shiatsu Practitioner, Beauty Therapy and Bowen Therapy. With new treatments now available including, Acupuncture and Child Psychology.

 So what things can we treat.

The conditions that can be treated vary greatly from back pain, sports injuries, foot pain and orthotics right through to digestive and circulatory problems, depression, stress and addictions. The list is really endless and if we can’t help we will tell you. Which brings me to a final point.

Working with others.

Despite being independent practitioners we see ourselves as a team and therefore work closely together to make sure we get you back on to the road you want to be. With that in mind we continue to work closely together and with the local GPs and Consultants giving you the reassurance and care that you need and deserve.


The clinic aims to be there for you through the good and the bad. Helping in whatever way we can and our door is always open. We will greet you with a smile, put you at ease and maybe even give you a cup of tea. The treatments we provide are always to an outstanding level and we see ourselves as your local centre of excellence. However we will let you be the judge of this. So please come and see us and let us tell you what we can do for you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Tel: 01963 251860, Email: Website: