Everyone can benefit from Sports and Remedial Massage

Posted: 28th May 2014

Sports & Remedial Massage

- massage therapy that everyone can benefit from

By Ian Pollard, Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist ISRM/LSSM

Whether we compete in sport or not, most of us incur the physical stresses of a job, family life or a busy active lifestyle, or often a combination of them all. What may be considered a ‘sports injury’ by some, may well be experienced by others in a non-sporting context as a consequence of underlying postural, occupational and general lifestyle factors.

Muscular aches and pains come in all forms, so whether you’re an active runner, cyclist or swimmer; play tennis, golf, ride, or regularly attend the gym; play cricket, football, rugby or hockey, the chances are that from time to time you would definitely benefit from a sports massage.

Similarly, if, for example, you develop your aches and pains through gardening, decorating, driving, daily tasks or being stuck at a desk for too long, quite often the toll on your body is very similar. A tight back, shoulders or neck; sore hips and leg muscles, all seem common areas of complaint we are all familiar with. And it may well be a combination of several of these pastimes and activities, both sporting and lifestyle, which cause us the discomfort.

Sports & Remedial Massage addresses all these situations within a framework of assessment, advanced massage techniques and remedial advice.

It offers great benefits for improved sporting performance, both through recovery from training and competition, as well as treating and helping prevent muscular injury. From novice to serious athlete, the principal is the same, look after yourself to get the most out of your sport.

Through my own involvement in sport and having benefitted from sports massage on numerous occasions, I consider that it serves two purposes. Used regularly, it assists sporting performance and general wellbeing by maintaining good muscular condition, and specifically, to treat and remedy muscular injury or discomfort, enhance recovery and help prevent further injury; this may also encompass post-surgery or accident rehabilitation. In general terms it can prolong a fit and active lifestyle, maintaining the body in better condition for work and leisure - the equivalent of muscular ‘best practice’ if you like!

So, the next time your body aches from the rigours of your own lifestyle, you will be doing yourself a great favour by introducing yourself to the benefits of Sports & Remedial Massage! We’d be delighted to see you at 56 London Road Clinic, so give us a call or visit our website for further details: 01963 251860, www.56londonroad.co.uk.