Summer Heatwave!

Posted: 18th July 2013

Summer is here in full swing but who can remember the last summer we had like this?! What a treat.

We hope that everyone is getting the chance to enjoy this incredible weather. It's perfect for pottering around in the garden, providing you drink plenty of water and try to stay in the shade when you can. With forecasters predicting that the sunshine is going to stick with us through until next week, it is so important to be aware of the risks that are prevalent for us Brits who are not used to these sky high temperatures for a prolonged amount of time. The young, the elderly and those with cardiovascular or respiratory problems are most at risk of having symptoms of severe dehydration, heat stroke and breathing problems. People with pre-existing medical conditions will struggle with the added pressure on the body to be constantly trying to cool itself. Remember to keep an eye out for your elderly neighbours/parents/grandparents.

If you feel like a break from the sunshine, why not come and cool down at the 56 London Road Clinic? Have that massage you have been meaning to treat yourself to or sort out that twinge in your back which has been aggravated by gardening - come and see our osteopath or our chiropractor. Or why don't you come in for a hypnotherapy treatment to finally adress that awful habit or debilitating fear! Or is your hayfever giving you jip? Our acupuncturist may have just the remedy! Get here early and you can relax in our beautiful garden on the sun lounger before your appointment and we will bring you a herbal tea or an ice cold drink to quench your thirst. Enjoy.