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Lumps & Bumps : 4th March 2019

Lumps and Bumps: Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Pregnancy Massage   By Kate Whitemore, Massage and MLD Level 1 Therapist, London Road Clinic     Pursuing my strong believe in the deeply beneficial effects of massage on physiological and mental wellbeing, two years ago I furthered my therapy… Read More

Fascial Research Congress - Berlin 2018 : 2nd December 2018

FASCIAL RESEARCH CONGRESS - BERLIN 2018 By Ian Pollard, Soft Tissue Therapist, LSSM ISRM   I recently attended the Fifth International Fascial Research Congress, held at the historic Urania Centre in Berlin on the 14th and 15th November 2018. Having been highly recommended through the Institute… Read More

BEAUTIFUL MOVEMENT : 8th February 2018

‘How watching the Winter Olympics could improve your golf swing’   Ian Pollard, Soft Tissue Therapist; Sports & Remedial Massage for every situation   If you are avidly watching the Winter Olympics you might be enthralled by the grace and poise, or dynamism and power, of the athletes in their… Read More

Soft Tissue Therapy Much More Than 'Just' Sports Massage : 7th February 2018

Soft Tissue Therapy  Much more than ‘just’ sports massage. Ian Pollard explains how Soft Tissue Therapy can ease you through a hectic schedule of work, leisure and sporting activities this spring.   At this time of year, many sportsmen and women are training hard in preparation for the summer… Read More