Joanna Hazelton MARH RHom

FER is a very gentle facial massage which frees years of tension in the fascia/connective tissue and muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp. It is not a facial, but a complete holistic treatment. By stimulating acupuncture points, FER releases blocked energy not only in the face and neck but throughout the body. FER contributes to a younger, healthier appearance, a more invigorated body and a relaxed mind.

The lifting techniques of FER massage work deep into the connective tissue smoothing and plumping the face, encouraging cell regeneration and reducing sagginess.  It is extremly relaxing, releasing set expressions developed over years in the face, creating a fresh and flexible face.

FER initially starts with fingertip movements gently loosing and warming the skin and the underlying connective tissue, encouraging blood supply to facial muscles and stimulating the lymphatic system to flush toxins out. Working with very light pressure muscles are then isolated, lifted into facial holds to stimulate and tighten the fibers, easing years of contraction from facial expressions, such as frowning, twisting the mouth, squinting the eyes, that leave an indelible imprint in muscle and connective tissue over time.

FER releases deep seated tension held in the muscles and connective tissue from different emotional stressors experienced over the years.  It frees up the different layers of muscle and connective tissue, allowing more space for the muscles to relax and rehydrate. It helps restore skin tone, texture and colour by encouraging healthy blood flow back into the tissues and by stimulating the lymphatic system to flush the toxins out of the skin and its underlying tissues.  The light fingertip massage of FER helps untangle collagen and elastin fibres improving skin elasticity, giving a slight ‘spring’ to the tissues, thereby helping to ‘lift’ the face promoting a relaxed, more mobile and youthful appearance.

Throughout a FER session specific acupressure points on the face are activated [8 of the 12 major energy meridians have points on the face]. Once stimulated these encourage the balancing of the flow of the body’s subtle energy leaving one feeling relaxed and uplifted with a deep sense of well-being.  FER works in complete synergy with the body’s natural anti-ageing defence systems.

A FER treatment may provide some or more of the following benefits.

Creates brighter and more alert eyes

Reduces under eye bags and puffiness

Reduces wrinkles, stress lines and sagginess giving the skin a glow

Muscle tone improved [a workout for your face]

Releases tension

Increases elasticity

Improves skin tone

Speeds up the elimination of toxins

Curbs Congestion [such as sinus congestion]

Relieves stress-related symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain, tinnitus, anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains

Detoxifys the Body [by stimulating the lymphatic system, helping to facilitate toxin elimination]